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Post  ShallyAllyOooo (Admin) on Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:26 am

Name: Magics Miss Ropin Robin (Robin)
Age: 5
Gender: mare
Breed: paint horse
Personality: Robin is a gorgeous mare, this one does not get lost in the crowd! She has a great personality, sweet and easy to get along with.
Magics Miss Ropin Robin Amanda%20and%20Robin-%20lope%20side%20L,%20in%20field
Magics Miss Ropin Robin Amanda%20and%20Robin-%20stand%20side%20R.%20in%20JPMagics Miss Ropin Robin Amanda%20and%20Robin-%20V%20jog%20front%20in%20JP
Magics Miss Ropin Robin Amanda%20and%20Robin-%20lope%20side%20L,%20in%20field%20Magics Miss Ropin Robin Amanda%20and%20Robin-%20head%20shot%20side%20L,%20in%20field%20
Magics Miss Ropin Robin Amanda%20and%20Robin-%20head%20shot%20side%20L,%20in%20field%20Magics Miss Ropin Robin Amanda%20and%20Robin-%20V%20head%20shot%20side%20R,%20front%20in%20field
Magics Miss Ropin Robin Amanda%20and%20Robin-%20V%20walk%20front%20in%20arena%20closeMagics Miss Ropin Robin Sarah%20and%20Robin-%20trot%20side%20L,%20in%20JP%20
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