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Post  ShallyAllyOooo (Admin) on Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:37 pm

Sky Hi Cowboy (Sky Hi)
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhicowboy
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhiaction1
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhiback
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhistride
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhifront
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhistride2
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhistride3
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhiplay
Appaloosa Stallions Skyhiplay2

Hi Tech Cowboy (Techno)
Appaloosa Stallions Hitechcowboysideview
Appaloosa Stallions 2442_2882_1
Appaloosa Stallions Htc0
Appaloosa Stallions Htc2Appaloosa Stallions Htc9Appaloosa Stallions Htc6
Appaloosa Stallions Htc4Appaloosa Stallions Htc8Appaloosa Stallions Htc1
Appaloosa Stallions Htc3

Hi Tech Cowboy and Sky Hi Cowboy are brothers, twins actually. Their mother was ecstatic when they were born, two lovely colts, she knew they would grow up to be fine, strong stallions. But she also wanted to be sure that they were kind and caring-their father had been that way, but a vicious bachelor lowlife stallion killed him a few months after the colts were born (it was a hard battle, their father being so strong, but he was outnumbered, for the bachelor had a stallion herd of his own as backup). Their mother managed to escape one night with the two, and she found another kind stallion named Comanche. Comanche provided them shelter and food. He also taught the young colts valuable life lessons, such as how to defend themselves and their mares and turf. They became skilled fighters, but only fought to defend themselves (except a few times when they would practice on each other.) Eventually it became time for the colts to leave and go out to find their own turfs and herds. They went their separate ways, but vowed to remember one another. They made promises to themselves, that they hope to be atleast half the stallion, half the leader, and (mostly) half the father that Comanche didn't have to be.
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